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July and August are the most stressful months for turfgrass in our area.  The arrival of hot, humid weather, leaves many lawns looking discolored, not the normal green you are use to seeing in the Spring and Fall.  The recent above average rainfall is triggering "Dollar Spot " fungus on many lawns.  Dollar Spot appears as small whitish patches in sunny areas of the turf.  Fortunately, very rarely does it kill the grass and it starts to dry with the arrival of dryer weather and disappears with cooler weather in the fall.  However, we are treating any lawns that have it with the summer treatment we are performing now.  If you currently have dollar spot, reduce watering with sprinkler systems, this only makes it worse.  In the absence of rainfall, water 3 times per week, 40 minutes in sunny areas and 20 in the shade.  Also, we are seeing many landscapers lowering cutting heights, this can harm your lawn in hot weather!  Make sure your lawn is cut at 3 inches and that the clippings are removed.  If we work together we can help your lawn get through this summer!