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                                   OUR DELUXE ROYAL LAWNS GREEN CARPET TREATMENT

              SPRING                                EARLY SUMMER                            SUMMER                                          FALL

     Premium Fertilizer                               Fertilizer - Slow Release                          Fertilizer - Slow Release                                      Fall Ferilizer

     Weed Control                                      Weed Control - Spot                                 Weed Control - Spot                                            Weed Control

     Core Aeration                                      Crabgrass Control                                    Crabgrass Control                                                Core Aeration

     Seeding                                               Surface Feeding Insect Control               Fungus Control (if required)                                 Seeding

     Crabgrass Control                              Grub Control                                                                                                                               Lime

     Note: Any lawns in the Sping that do not require seed and aeration, will have pre-emergence crabgrass applied instead. 

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